Payment Types

Below is a fee schedule determined by where your funding bank account resides and how fast you would like your funds to be delivered.

Country EFT or ACH
3-5 days
Wire Transfers
1-2 days
US 5 USD 22.00 USD
UK 4 GBP 12.50 GBP
France 0 EUR 15.00 EUR
Germany 0 EUR 15.00 EUR
Italy 0 EUR 15.00 EUR
Ireland 5 EUR 15.00 EUR
Belgium 0 EUR 15.00 EUR
Austria 0 EUR 15.00 EUR
Netherlands 0 EUR 15.00 EUR
New Zealand 5 NZD 25.00 NZD
Canada 2.50 CAD 22.00 CAD
Australia 2.50 AUD 25.00 AUD
Sweden 0 KR 125.00 KR

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT or ACH):

Available for the select countries listed below, ACH transfers are an excellent lower-cost option for your less urgent payments. These electronic transfers deposit funds directly into your recipient’s account, but can’t include a “payment reference”.

These include the following:

  • USD to the United States or Canada
  • CAD to Canada
  • EUR to France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Belgium
  • GBP to The United Kingdom
  • AUD to Australia
  • NZD to New Zealand
  • MXN to Mexico
  • DKK to Denmark
  • SEK to Sweden
  • HUF to Hungary
  • CHF to Switzerland
  • NOK to Norway

Wire Transfers: The quickest way to deliver funds

Fast, accurate, and available for almost every currency in the world, wires remain the transfer method of choice for those sending funds internationally. Wires also enable you to include a Payment Reference note for added tracking

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