Funding Options

In order to get your money moving quickly, determine how to provide us with the funds for your transaction. Funding options vary by country, which is based on where your funding bank account resides.

Country Wire Transfers Bill Pay* Linked
Bank Account
US X   X
Canada X X X
UK X X (Faster Payments/BACS)  
Australia X X (Bpay)  
France X    
Germany X    
Ireland X    
Italy X    
Belgium X    
Austria X    
Netherlands X    
New Zealand X    
Sweden X    

*available at the majority of major banks and credit unions

Wire Transfers: Speedy clearance

The quickest way to send funds through us. You initiate a Wire Transfer through your bank, the funds are then sent from an account held by you. Wire instructions are provided to you at the time you book your transactions.

Bill Pay: Speedy & Convenient

The easiest way to get your money moving with minimal waiting time. In Canada, simply add Custom House** to your list of bill payees on your online banking account and send us the amount just like you would paying a bill. For UK and Australia, you'll receive instructions after signing up. Funds are generally cleared within 24 hrs.

**Western Union acquired Custom House in 2009 and owns and operates Custom House as Western Union Business Solutions along with it services under the Western Union name.

Linked Bank Account: We do the work

By linking your checking account, we automatically withdraw your payment directly from your bank account. Funds are generally cleared in 3-4 days.

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