Media Coverage 九月 17, 2019

Overseas Education Global Trends

Head of Asia for Western Union Business Solutions, Svend Janssen, discusses the growth of international students and the payments industry. ... Read More

News Releases 九月 05, 2019

Western Union and TRUE North Simplify Tuition Payments

The collaboration will enable students to pay tuition and expenses using a simplified payment process, helping funds to arrive on-time and in-full, without hidden charges to the educational institution.... Read More

Media Coverage 九月 03, 2019

AI is the next big disruptor in financial services – but what will it do?

In a piece for Bobsguide, Western Union Business Solutions Head of Product Scott Johnson shared insights from the Reshaping Global Payments whitepaper... Read More

News Releases 八月 08, 2019

Western Union to Provide Payment Solutions for Members of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies

The collaboration will enable more than 12,000 national members of ACTA’s travel agencies to leverage Western Union Business Solution's expertise in cross-border payments... Read More

Media Coverage 七月 26, 2019

A new trading map: preparing British business for a post-Brexit world

A new report shows UK businesses will be most likely to trade with the US, China and Canada after Britain leaves the EU – which means they must get up to speed with the intricacies of these markets... Read More