Make strategic currency trades

Manage the risk of foreign payables and receivables

You don't have to be at the mercy of the currency market. Our risk management solutions offer hedging for businesses and organizations of every size.

Know your risk

Gain visibility into currency exposures and forecast cash flow.

Pay invoices in foreign currencies

Quickly buy or sell foreign currency online to settle invoices around the world.

Minimize costs

Avoid unnecessary currency conversion and costs using cross-currency payments.

Protect against currency volatility

Lock-in a currency rate for up to 12 months to protect against adverse currency changes.

Hold money in foreign currencies

Hold money in over 40 currencies for up to 90 days. No foreign bank accounts needed.

Bottom line protection

Use currency options to manage risk.*

Make the most of your money

Strategically trigger foreign payments to happen when exchange rates are favorable.

What's your risk management strategy?

Speak to one of our currency risk specialists to find out how our products can help you protect your bottom line from currency fluctuations.

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*This content provided by WUBS is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any investment advice or an offer of products or services. Forward and option FX hedging products are derivative products which involves risks due to volatility of the FX markets or margin calls. Before making decision, it’s recommended to consult your relationship manager to take into account your particular financial objectives, experience and financial situation to consider such investment is suitable or not. For more information on risks regarding FX hedging products, please read our Terms & Conditions and Product Disclosure Statements.