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Choosing from multiple acceptance letters to college or university

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Receiving multiple acceptance letters for educational institutions is incredibly exciting – and confusing. This choice is made even more complicated for international students who are choosing not only a school, but also which new country to live, perhaps for several years. Generally, colleges and universities send offers of acceptance around the same period and provide a few weeks for potential students to make a decision and submit responses. It’s not unusual for scholars like you to receive several different offers in the same week with identical deadlines for an answer. It can be challenging to make this important decision, so here are key factors to keep in mind when selecting a school.

Review your top choices: There could be a period of several months between an application submission and an acceptance notification. Between that time, you will have had more time to research your leading options. Based on new information, and removing any schools that did not accept you, remake your list.

Research your personal preferences: Each school is unique, and not just for the programs offered. Some invest heavily in wellness programs, sustainability initiatives and other factors that can make a big difference in your on-campus life. For instance, 58% of international students consider a school’s offline and online presence to be equally important. If you are one of these tech buffs, consider researching which of your choices best reflects this interest.

Consider the location: Now that you have several schools to weigh, you can take the details into account. One college might be in the middle of a metropolitan city while another is in a smaller, more remote town. Try to picture yourself living at each location and see which best suits you. Also, consider the distance from your home country and the average flight price – both will help determine how often you are able to travel back and forth.

Extracurricular activities: It is unlikely you looked into clubs, sports teams or other activities while deciding on your application. However, these areas are more important when making the final decision. Because you will be far from home, having the opportunity to pursue familiar hobbies will allow you to meet other students and adapt more comfortably to your new campus. Check to see if your choices have a robust and welcoming culture outside of the classroom, including international associations such as a Chinese student group

Post-graduate employment opportunities: Now is the time to really explore what advantages a school can provide for you after completing your studies. Many will publish employment rates, their career support and any partnerships they have with major area employers. Leaving to study abroad is a big decision so be sure that you will have an opportunity to use your education effectively and research the possibility of remaining in the country after your graduation to work now.

Cost: Education is an investment and in general those who study in another country are more likely to secure post-graduate jobs. That said, the cost of attending a foreign school can vary greatly by country and even city. Make sure your top choice fits into your budget and when it’s time to pay your tuition, accommodation and other fees , use WU Globalpay for Students to deposit in your local currency and save.

Talk to current or past attendees: Ensure you look beyond campus brochures and official websites. Social media and forums can help you connect with current or past students to get an idea of what life is really like for attendees. Be sure to ask any questions – big or small – that you have.

Choosing a school as an international student is a significant decision and you should consider all factors to make an informed selection with confidence. Evaluating the above aspects should help you debate a multitude of details and find the school that is right for you.