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Website Essentials

To get international payments humming as a revenue stream, promote it on your homepage linking to a landing page that tells the story. This can be an effective way to let clients know you can meet this need.

Check out what Canadian Western Bank is doing. Our marketing team helped them create a customized landing page that showcases the advantages of sending foreign currency abroad, along with a lead generation form. 

Remember, many clients may not understand the rationale for sending foreign currency instead of domestic. So take the opportunity to educate them on the benefits. 

As our client, you have access to our stellar marketing team. We can help you create your own homepage promo, customized landing page – and all sorts of other promo content. We can make marketing your international payment services simple and easy. It’s what we do. We’re here to help. 

Final note: Don’t rely solely on in-branch promotions or clients requesting the service. Your website can be fundamental to your success in international payments. 

To receive support from our marketing team, please send an email to marketingsupport@westernunion.com.