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Sometimes We Need More Info

Now and again, you might get a request from our compliance team to provide additional information about a specific transaction or client.

There are rigorous global standards that we must meet that are designed to prevent the transfer of funds for criminal activities like fraud, money laundering and terrorism. It’s our job to take this obligation seriously, and so sometimes we need to examine certain transactions more closely. 

We may ask you to provide: 

  • The source of the funds being transferred – bank statements may be requested. 
  • Documentation to prove the nature of the transaction. For example, invoices, contracts, bills of sale, real estate contracts, etc. may be requested.
  • Details about your customer including Know Your Customer (KYC) information. 
  • The nature of the relationship between the remitter and the beneficiary.

Working together we can make sure transactions are completed efficiently with an eye towards global regulations. So if you get a request from us, know we’re working hard to make this happen.

You can read more about our compliance requests here.