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During these uncertain times many NGOs are ill-prepared to tackle fraud, potentially impacting their ability to achieve their mission.

Fraud prevention strategies vary greatly within NGOs and not all is down to size and available resources. An organizational culture of compliance and shared responsibility is essential. NGOs of any size can help protect their operations, reputation and finances against fraud.

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Understand your business’s currency exposure and the risk it carries

~2-5% of all NGO's income is lost to fraud1. Yet only 9% have a fraud awareness program 2.

NGO common frauds

34% of NGOs don’t think they’re vulnerable to any of the most common frauds 2.

Fraud report to Law by NGO

54% of NGOs don’t report fraud to law enforcement due to reputational and funding concerns 3.

1 May, O. (2016). It's time to talk about fraud in aid agencies. The Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2016/aug/25/fraud-aid-agencies-upset-public
2 Fraud Advisory Panel and Commission for England and Wales (2019). Preventing Charity Fraud Insights+Action Charity.
3 BDO (2014). BDO Not-For-Profit Fraud Survey 2014.

Learn how you can help protect your NGO from fraud

Join us for an informative training program, featuring 2 short modules, complimentary to NGOs.

Sessions are 1 hour each, presented over 2 days. This interactive training has been developed specifically for NGOs and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and seek further information.

March 23 and 25, 2021
2-3pm EST

Alex Beavan

Head of Fraud Investigation
Western Union Business Solutions

alex 255x255
  • 30 years in Law Enforcement
  • Served in Counter Terrorism Command and Special Branch in the UK
  • Ministry of Defence - specialized in counter terrorism, counter intelligence and terrorism / serious organised crime financial investigation
  • Global presenter on fraud to businesses, financial institutions, law enforcement and intelligence groups.

Ben Kavalec

Director Education & NGO Markets
Western Union Business Solutions

ben 255x255
  • 20 years experience specialised in foreign exchange and international payments sales
  • 15 years deep expertise in NGO and higher education sectors
  • Responsible for NAM portfolio of NGO and Education clients
  • Instrumental in delivering Western Union’s unique products and services to help NGOs achieve their mission.

Register for your complimentary NGO fraud prevention training

March 23 2021, 2-3pm EST

Module 1: NGO fraud strategy


  • A framework to help NGOs understand and combat fraud
  • Prevention, detection, mitigation and remediation
March 25 2021, 2-3pm EST

Module 2: Help mitigate the types of fraud impacting NGOs

  • The key types of fraud
  • Individual strategies to help reduce the risk for your NGO

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