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New features

New features are available now or coming soon to WU® GlobalPay for Financial Institutions (GPFI). Here’s what to you need to know:

  • Cumulative Limits Functionality: You can now set limits on daily, monthly or annual foreign exchange trading.
  • Payment Tracking: We’ve joined the SWIFT GPI Network. You will be able to see each payment’s status within the network, including the date, time and amount credited. More detailed tracking arrives later this year when you’ll be able to get a comprehensive view of a payment’s journey. To learn more please read our latest press release.
  • Auto-Debit: Coming soon, this new feature streamlines the workflow of your payments. A new integration between GPFI and your core banking system allows GPFI to check for sufficient funds and debit your customer’s account in real-time, eliminating manual entry.
  • Mass Payments: Coming soon we’ll be introducing functionality to make our MassPay API Dodd-Frank compliant. Now, in addition to being able to process up to 10,000 payments per API call, US-based financial institutions can now process their Dodd-Frank payments using the same, modernized RESTful API service.

To learn more about how these new features can make a difference for you and your customers, please get in touch with your account manager.