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Partner with a global financial network you can trust

Easily move and manage funds in more than 130 currencies, across 200 countries and territories.

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International transactions made easy, more than 60,000 individuals and businesses around the world rely on our global financial network and online payment platforms.

Understand your business’s currency exposure and the risk it carries

Trusted Partner

With over 200 regulatory licenses, more than 60,000 individuals and businesses globally trust our network of experienced professionals who understand the laws and regulations in every country where we offer services.

Plan ahead


Equip yourself with innovative and simple online solutions that help you efficiently send, receive and manage international transactions across a financial network spanning 200 countries and territories.

Improve budgeting

Risk Management

Don’t operate at the mercy of the currency market. Whether you’re paying international invoices, or receiving foreign funds, work with specialists to find the right hedging tools to help protect your profits.

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The WU® Currency Forecaster Tool

The WU® Currency Forecaster Tool allows you to compare your forecasts against forecasts from one of the world’s leaders in currency forecasting, Oxford Economics.

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