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International business payments made easy

Foreign Payments Strategy for international business

Sometimes business payments reach their destination short due to exchange rate shifts and surprise fees. Western Union Business Solutions provide near real-time exchange rate quotes, in more than 130 currencies and access to our global financial network which reduces intermediary fees.

Forecast and Budget with confidence

Businesses with foreign exposure may struggle to manage international payments and how to protect their profits against moves in the market. We can help you forecast with confidence and you maintain profit margins.

Benefits from a smooth business payment experience

  • Help protect your bottom line with the assistance of our payment experts on large volume transactions
  • Leverage our financial network to expand your payments network to over 200 countries and territories and more than 130 currencies
  • Help protect profits with forecasting
  • Help with one-time transactions & lower annual currency volumes 

Speak with a Western Union Business Solutions expert today to discover how you can optimize your foreign payments strategy and help protect your profits.