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Global payments platform for international payments

A trusted partner for your business

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, low-cost, reliable global transactions can be critical for companies. Western Union Business Solutions is operating at full capacity and assisting businesses with outgoing and incoming payments, cash services, payroll, foreign exchange risk management and more. We understand that the market has significantly changed and helping protect your profits and adapting to the new environment is often a key concern.

Help protect profits with forecasting

Don’t put your bottom line at risk. If you’re struggling with unpredictable foreign exchange fluctuation with your international payables and receivables, it may be time to consider a risk management strategy. Currency hedging and other practices may help reduce your foreign exchange exposure.

Stability in unstable times

We’re part of a company with a 169-year history of innovation.  Our significant financial strength and strong focus on compliance has given us the ability to serve our clients and their changing needs, regardless of the market condition.  By leveraging our payment expertise on many types of currency transactions, we can help businesses weather these volatile times.

Speak with a Western Union Business Solutions expert today to discover how you can optimize your foreign payments strategy and help protect your profits.