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Protecting NGOs against fraud during the COVID-19 global outbreak

Business email fraud is a real threat

During the COVID-19 global outbreak, fraudsters are attempting to exploit the situation to deceive businesses and individuals, including NGOs. We are here to support you.

Western Union Business Solutions invests significantly in global fraud protection and compliance measures to help protect our clients.

Download the white paper to help your organization:

  • Understand the risks of business email fraud and how to be vigilant against the growing threat
  • Learn how organizations globally have suffered over $26.2 Billion USD in losses since 2016 (Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center) due to business email fraud
  • Protect against fraudsters who deceive organizations by impersonating a client/vendor and sending fraudulent new payment instructions, leading to financial, and sometimes reputational loss.

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Business Email Compromise - Whitepaper