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Formulate, Present, Implement

If you are Greenfield, Brownfield or Actively Mining we will help you examine the elements of your foreign exchange exposure. Then we'll walk you through the available hedging tools and discuss the appropriate timing. In the end you will have a framework for your FX hedging strategy.

The 3 Issues All Mining Companies Face

Exotic and Emerging Currencies

The world’s most in-demand minerals are scattered across the far corners of the globe. Day-to-day operations can take place in the heart of isolated communities within developing countries. In order to fund activities, easy access to local currencies is a necessity. We are able to provide you with over 130 currencies, many of them from emerging economies and popular mining locations, including Republic of Congo Francs, the Uzbekistan Som and the Peru Nuevo Sol. 

Foreign Exposure

From equipment purchases to transportation, most logistics of a mining operation are long-term in nature. As a result, the currencies used in the project can fluctuate during the payment period and could result in a foreign exposure risk. In order to help protect your operation from the possibility of suffering financial loss due to a currency dip, we can hedge your capital on a number of currencies including the Mexican peso, Turkish lira and South African rand. 

Our team of currency specialists can also help you determine an appropriate mix of hedged versus non-hedged (spot) transactions in order to help protect your available working capital.

Managing International Payments

Our digital system can integrate with your existing accounting software to easily manage your foreign invoices in a single location. You can:

  • Hold and manage funds across multiple currencies with holding balances
  • Send up to 10,000 payments in multiple currencies in one file
  • Transact with 200 countries and territories in over 130 currencies
  • Capture, submit, track and pay invoices in-platform to help reduce spreadsheet and email overload
  • Accept more than 40 different currencies and easily reconcile every line item of a payment

Discuss you specific payment challenges and foreign exposure risk