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Quote your Batch

Create quote for batch returns quotes.

Table - Create quote for batch

Resource Template
Http Method POST

Used to create/update quote (rates) for currently accepted by WUBS batch's payments.

Each POST call will refresh quote's rates.

A quote action will re-calculate aggregated fixed amounts

based on submitted payments and upon receiving rate will recalculate the other amounts.

200 Created
"expirationIntervalInSec": <expirationInterval, integer value>,
{"tradeAmount":<amount, in cents, integer value>,
"settlementAmount":<amount, in cents,integer value>,
- direct rate multiplied by trade amount should provide settlement amount) 
"rate":"<rate value, float as string>",
"rateInverted":"<rate inverted value,float as string>",
- provided for convenience only
<number of decimals for a direct rate, integer value> 
- could be used for presentation purpose,
<number of decimals for Indirect rate, integer value>
 - could be used for presentation purpose}
Output (errors)
400 Bad Request - if specified resource location is not found
(invalid customer or batch) or if batch is already committed 
or does not have payments