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Add Payments to your Batch

Used to submit payments for a batch to WUBS.

Table - Submit payments for a batch

Resource Template
Http Method PUT

Used to submit payments created by a Partner to Western Union Business Solutions.

WUBS will return call immediately and will continue to process submitted payments asynchronously.

Can also be used to update payments in a ' Created' state.(currently not supported)

Payments initially submitted to WUBS are tagged as 'Created' and details are sent for preliminary scanning.

For all cases, payment identifier (paymentId) is created and assigned by a Partner and that value will be used to reference a payment for all other calls.

It's assumed that payment Id value will be unique on a customer level thus allowing multiple customers of a Partner to use the same payment id value for their payments.

NOTE: 'PUT' will be limited for total of 10000 payments per one request or 2Mb in size (whatever comes first).

Requests exceeding those limits will be rejected.

Description, cont.

Field Information ' bolded' fields depict 'required for release' fields. All other fields are optional.

'underlined' fields depict 'conditional' fields - one of them should be submitted, based on the other submitted field' value. There are conditional fields:

  1. If beneficiary 'type' is ' individual':
    • firstName' and 'lastName' should be provided. 
  1. If beneficiary 'type' is ' business':
    • 'businessName' should be provided.
  1. Either a "bankCode" or "bankBranchCode" values should be provided.
  2. Third Party Remitter fields - all should be provided for a third party or none
  3. For US domestic 1, the bank account fields except Country are optional.
  4. The beneficiary’s ‘Tax ID’ must be provided if the payment currency (“currencyCode”) is ‘MXN’ (Mexican Pesos) 
    The beneficiary’s ‘Tax ID’ is optional in all other cases. 

If entering a BIC / SWIFT code, please ensure that all letters are in UPPER CASE.

The collection of payments should only have payments with all the required for release fields filled in.

If any of required fields are missed, a payment will not be accepted.

"payments":[{payment fields as defined in
 the Payment Fields Definitions]
200 OK
"receivedPayments":"<total Number of received payments>"
Output (errors)
404 Not Found - if specified resource location 
is not found (invalid customer or batch)
400 Bad Request - any other error with defined error code, 
for example if payment is missing a required field