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Payment Validator Resources

The Payment Validator resources allow the user to query WUBS current requirements to submit cross-border payments.

Payment Validator

The Payment Validator API accepts a currency code, payment method, beneficiary country code, beneficiary bank country code, and entity type and returns a list of all required beneficiary fields needed to successfully execute a payment through WUBS.

Table - Fetch PFG

Resource Template
Http Method



Returns required beneficiary fields to submit payments.

{“beneBankCountryCode”:”<2-Character ISO Bank Country Code>”,
“currencyCode”: “<3-Character ISO Currency Code>”,
“countryCode”: “<2-Character ISO Destination Country Code>”,
“paymentMethod”: [“WIRE”,”ACH”],
“entityType”: “INDIVIDUAL” or ”BUSINESS”}
{“totalItemsFound”: “<number of items found>”,
“responseContents: [
{“datapointName”:”<Name of required field>”,
“description”:”<Description of field>”}]}

Sample Input

{"beneBankCountryCode": "US",
"currencyCode": "USD",
"countryCode": "US",
"paymentMethod": ["WIRE"],
"entityType": "INDIVIDUAL"}
Sample Output
{"totalItemsFound": "11",
 "responseContents": [
 {"datapointName": "payments.currencyCode",
 "description": "Select the currency to pay the beneficiary."
 {"datapointName": "bankAccount.accountNumber",
 "description": "Enter the beneficiary's bank account number."
 {"datapointName": "beneficiary.type",
 "description": "Select if the beneficiary is an individual or a business."
 {"datapointName": "beneficiary.address.countryCode",
 "description": "Select the country of the beneficiary."
 {"datapointName": "bankAccount.bankCode",
 "description": "Enter a valid 8 or 11 character SWIFT code."
 {"datapointName": "payments.paymentMethod",
 "description": "Select which methods may be used to pay this beneficiary."
 {"datapointName": "bankAccount.bankBranchCode",
 "description": "Enter a valid 9-digit Fedwire ABA routing code. "
 {"datapointName": "beneficiary.firstName",
 "description": "Enter the beneficiary's first name."
 {"datapointName": "beneficiary.lastName",
 "description": "Enter the beneficiary's last name."
 {"datapointName": "bankAccount.address.countryCode",
 "description": "Select the country where the beneficiary's bank branch is located."
 {"datapointName": "bankAccount.bankName",
 "description": "Enter the name of the beneficiary bank."