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Payment Disclosure

The Payment Disclosure endpoint is used to return information about a payment to meet regulatory compliance. The service accepts a payment ID and returns relevant payment details including fee and available date information.
Disclosure will only return information on committed Dodd-Frank payments.

Table - Payment Disclosure

Resource Template


HTTP Method



Returns Dodd-Frank payment disclosure information




200 OK

 “currencyCode”: <3-Character ISO Currency Code>,
 "estimatedSettlementAmount": <amount, decimal>,
 "estimatedExchangeRate": <exchange rate, decimal>,
"feeInformation": {"totalFees": <amountdecimal>,
"description": "<feetype>" } }

Sample Output

  "paymentId": "NZD_Payment_123",
  "availableDate": "2021-11-25T00:00:00",
  “currencyCode”: “NZD”,
  "estimatedSettlementAmount": 707.5,
  "estimatedExchangeRate": 0.7075,
  "feeInformation": {
      "totalFees": 4.16,
      "description": "Wire"
    } }

Output Validation (payment not Dodd-Frank or no committed Dodd-Frank payment available)

404 Not Found