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Search Bank by Details

Resource Template
Http Method POST
Description Returns Bank Details which match the input fields
{bic" : "<bic code>","nationalId" : "<National Id>","isoCountryCode" :
"<ISO Country Code>","countryName" : "<Country Name>","city" :
"<City>","streetAddress1" : "<Street Address 1>","zipCode" :
"<Zip Code>","state" : "<State>","CurrencyCode" :
"<Currency Code>","pageNumber" : <Requested Page NUmber>,
"pageSize" : <Requested Page Size>}
Sample Input -
{"bic":"RBOSGB2L","countryName": "UNITED KINGDOM",
"pageNumber": 1,"pageSize" : 2}

Note: Some input fields are optional

Input Validation

Input can be

  1. mbic + isoCountryCode/CountryName
  2. nationalId + isoCountryCode/CountryName
  3. isoCountryCode/CountryName + city + instituionaName + any other params
200 OK
Sample Output -
{"httpStatus": "200", "timestamp": "01/17/2020 04:12:45",
"responseStatus": "SUCCESS", "totalRecordFound": "1",
"totalRecordSent": "1","banks":
 {"BankDirectory": { 
"recordKey": "BD0000001OZF","officeType": "HO","parentOfficeKey":
"BD0000001T83", >"headOfficeKey": "BD0000001T83", "legalType": "L",
"legalParentKey": "BD0000001T83", "groupType": "Member", 
"groupParentKey":"BD0000001QG0", "institutionStatus": "COOP", 
"isoleiCode": "529900XTU9H3KES1B287","bic8Char": "SGSBALTX", 
"branchBic": "XXX", "bic": "SGSBALTXXXX", "connectedBic":
 "SGSBALTXXXX", "institutionName":"RAIFFEISEN BANK SH.A.", 
 "branchInformation":"Head Office 1, 2,", 
 "streetAddress1": "RR 'DESHMORET E 4 SHKURTIT' 6",
"city": "TIRANA", "countryProvinceState": "TIRANA", 
"zipCode": "1001","countryName": "ALBANIA", "isoCountryCode":
"AL", "timezone": "T", "subTypeIndicator": "SUPE",
"networkConnectivity":"CCC", "serviceCodes": 
"AIPEB+FINSCOTG+","ssiGroupKey": "BD0000001T83",
"iBanKey": "IB000000001T", "nationalIdType": "NBA"
}"OfficeType": {
 "officeTypeCode":"HO", "officeTypeDescription": 
 "Head Office"
"legalTypeCode": "L",
"legalTypeDescription":"Legal Entity"
 "instStatusCode": "COOP",
 "instStatusDesc": "Cooperative Bank",
 "instStatusParent": "BANK"
  Note: For more details for each output field, 
 please refer the Bank Directory Plus pages.

Output - Validation Error - Request body is not sent (Request body is null)

400 Bad Request     
{"errorCode": "1003:Request data should not be null"}

Output - Validation Error - Request body sent but some some mandatory field is missing (Validation failed) - Check the validation mentioned above

400 Bad Request
{"errorCode": "1003Request data can be 
1. - 'BIC and any one other parameter (isoCountryCode/CountryName)' OR 
2. - 'NationalId and any other parameter (isoCountryCode/CountryName)' OR 
3. - '(isoCountryCode/CountryName) and city and institutionName' "}                      
Output - FAB Service Error - when requested bank account was not found
400 Bad Request
{"errorCode": "1222:Error in FAB Service - response_message :
No records found that match the details provided.
and field_name and response code - Err1015"}
Output- FAB Service Error - When Wrong input request data sent (Wrong Country Code or any other field)
400 Bad Request
{"errorCode": "1222:"1222:Error in FAB Service - response_message :
The country (country code/country name) provided is invalid.
and field_name iso_country_code and response code - Err1011"}