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Find A Bank (FAB) Resources

To Get and Validate the Bank below API's are use by MassPay Partners with Certificate Authentication. API will only allow to retrieve Bank details or to simply verify the Bank Details.

This API internally consumes the Find A Bank (FAB) service developed in WUBS to fetch the Bank Details.

Table - Search Bank by IBAN

Resource Template
Http Method



Returns Bank Details by IBAN.

                            {"iBanValue" : "<Iban>",
"countryCode" : "<2-character ISO countryCode>",
"countryName" : "<Country Name>",
"iBanCountryCode" : <2-character ISO iBanCountryCode>"pageNumber" :
<Requested Page NUmber>,"pageSize" : <Requested Page Size>

Sample Input - "iBanValue":"AL35202111090000000001234567","countryCode":"AL", "countryName" : "Albania","pageNumber" : 1,"pageSize" : 1 }
Input Validation

Input can be iBanValue + any other params

(countryCode OR countryName

OR iBanCountryCode)

                            200 OK 
Sample Output -
"httpStatus": "200",
"timestamp": "01/17/2020 04:12:45",
"responseStatus": "SUCCESS",
"totalRecordFound": "1",
 "totalRecordSent": "1",
 "banks": [
"recordKey": "BD0000001OZF",
"officeType": "HO",
"parentOfficeKey": "BD0000001T83",
"headOfficeKey": "BD0000001T83",
"legalType": "L",
"legalParentKey": "BD0000001T83",
"groupType": "Member",
"groupParentKey": "BD0000001QG0",
"institutionStatus": "COOP",                     
"isoleiCode": "529900XTU9H3KES1B287",                          
"bic8Char": "SGSBALTX",                         
"branchBic": "XXX",                          
"bankCode": "SGSBALTXXXX",                          
"connectedBic": "SGSBALTXXXX",                         
"institutionName": "RAIFFEISEN BANK SH.A.",                        
"branchInformation": "Head Office 1, 2,",                          
"streetAddress1": "RR 'DESHMORET E 4 SHKURTIT' 6",                         
"city": "TIRANA",                         
"countryProvinceState": "TIRANA",                          
"zipCode": "1001",                          
"countryName": "ALBANIA",                         
"countryCode": "AL",                          
"timezone": "T",                          
"subTypeIndicator": "SUPE",                           
"networkConnectivity": "CCC",                          
"serviceCodes": "AIPEB+FINSCOTG+",                           
"ssiGroupKey": "BD0000001T83",                          
"iBanKey": "IB000000001T",                          
"nationalIdType": "NBA"                           
"officeTypeCode": "HO",
"officeTypeDescription": "Head Office"
"legalTypeCode": "L",                          
"legalTypeDescription": "Legal Entity"                       
"instStatusCode": "COOP",                        
"instStatusDesc": "Cooperative Bank",                           
"instStatusParent": "BANK"

Note - For more details for each output field

Output - Validation Error - Request body is not sent (Request body is null)

                            400 Bad Request                     
"errorCode": "1003:Request data should not be null"

Output - Validation Error - Request body sent but some some mandatory field is missing (Validation failed) - Check the validation mentioned above

                            400 Bad Request
"errorCode": "1003:iBanValue and any one other parameter                       
(countryCode/iBanCountryCode/CountryName) is must"                          
Output - FAB Service Error - when requested bank account was not found
                            400 Bad Request                          
"errorCode": "1222:Error in FAB Service - response_message :                           
No records found that match the details provided.                         
and field_name  and response code - Err1015"                           
Output- FAB Service Error - When Wrong input request data sent (Wrong Country Code or any other field)
                            400 Bad Request
"errorCode": "1222:"1222:Error in FAB Service - response_message:                     
The country (country code/country name) provided is invalid.                         
and field_name iso_country_code and response code - Err1011"