Payment Status

Payment status tells you the payment state: created, processing, on hold, released, rejected, returned, prohibited or not accepted.

Table - Payment statuses

Created Payment has been accepted by WUBS as part of a batch, but batch is not committed yet.
Processing Batch has been committed and payment amounts have been finalized. We are actively processing the payments.
Payments intentionally being held for data validation, sanctions review or other reasons.
Released Payment has been released to a beneficiary.
Rejected Payment was rejected by our payment processor.
Payment is intentionally prohibited from being processed.
Returned Payment was released by our payment processor but was returned by the beneficiary’s bank.
Cancelled Payment has been cancelled.
NotAccepted Payment was not accepted by WUBS due to validation error. An errorCode field returns stating the validation reason and field in error.
NOC Notification from receiving bank to payment originator that previously valid payment instructions are outdated or require a change.