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A Payment resource is the core resource for Mass Payments and defines an outgoing payment to be released to a beneficiary (recipient of the funds).

Payments are submitted to Western Union Business Solutions for sanction scanning and subsequent release to a beneficiary.

Payment resource has two types of fields: Mandatory and Optional.

WUBS will accept a payment only if all the required fields are submitted.

WUBS does not support Update for a payment currently and the Partner will have to Cancel a payment that is in the ' Created' state by sending a DELETE request and resubmitting the payment.

When a payment is accepted for a release, WUBS will make sure it goes through the sanction scanning process and only sanction cleared payments will be released based on a payment's currency release schedule, funds availability and a Partner's setting (FIFO, Scheduled, etc).

During any time in a payment life cycle it is possible to request the payment's status by issuing a GET request.

NOTE: For Same Day ACH (SDA) Payments, if the payment/batch has been committed after cut-off time, the SDA Payment will be released the next day.