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Request a Single Quote

This action will return all of the quote information available.

Table - Request a single quote representation

Resource Template
Http Method GET
Description Returns requested quote representation.
200 OK
"partnerReference", "<partner generated reference>",
"expirationIntervalInSec": "<expirationInterval,integer value>",
"lastUpdatedOn" : "<timestamp>"
"tradeAmount":"<amount, in cents, integer value>,
"settlementAmount":<amount, in cents, integer value>,
"rate":"<rate value, float as string>",
"rateInverted":"<rate inverted value, float as string>",
"decimalsDirect":"<number of decimals for a direct rate>,
"decimalsIndirect":"<number of decimals for Indirect rate>"}]}           

Output (if quote was not found)
404 Not Found - if a requested quote was not found.