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Create a Buy-Into Holding Order

This action creates one or more orders with settlement details based on submitted quote(s) for specific customer(s).

Table - Create orders

Resource Template
Http Method POST

Creates one or more orders based on a submitted valid quote for a valid customer.
Only unique settlement currencies will be accepted. A request with duplicated settlement currencies will be rejected.
Items to book should follow items to quote. If there is a discrepancy in amounts to book from a quote,
the request will be rejected.
Returns a created order with settlement details.
SettlementMethod is an optional parameter, if not used default settlement as configured for a customer will be used. Supported values are “Wire”, “ACH”, and “DrawDown” (which indicates Reverse-wire Drawdown). Additionally, “eDebit” can be used that results in the same payment method type as “ACH”.

isAmountSettlement specifies if a submitted amount is in settlement or trade (default) currency.

                            { "customerId":"<customerId>","quoteId":"<quoteId>",
"partnerReference", "<partner generated reference>",
 - currency in which order will be settled with a customer",
- payment method to be used to settle with a customer",
"paymentReference" :"<customer supplied reference>",
 - amount to be booked for this item",in cents, integer value>,
"tradeCurrency":"<currencyCode> - item currency",
- specified is a submitted amount is in trade or settlement currency"}]
                            200 OK
{ “orders” : [{
 "partnerReference", "<partner generated reference>",
"createdOn" :"<timestamp>",