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Get Batch resource allows a Partner to return information on the requested batch representation. This includes numbers of requested and received payments as well as the aggregate amount.

Table - Get Batch resource

Resource Template
Http Method GET

Returns requested batch's representation.

CreateOn timestamp will indicate when batch was created.

LastUpdatedOn will reflect the following events:

  • a payment added to a batch
  • a batched payment's cancellation
  • batch was quoted
  • batch was committed
200 OK 
"reference":"<partner generated reference for a batch>",
"numberOfReceivedPayments":"<total number of received payments>",
"numberOfAcceptedPayments":"<total number of accepted payments>",
"currency" :"<currency code>","settlementCurrency":"<currency code>",
"amount":"amount","settlementAmount":"amount", isFixedOnSettlement":
Output; (errors)
404 Not Found - if customer not found