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No fees on your receivables

When law firms invoice foreign clients in USD, the process can be costly and time-consuming at both ends. A foreign client must factor in the daily exchange rate and bank fees when settling the bill in US dollars. While you’re charged a standard wire fee regardless of the amount received. These unnecessary costs add up over time, however Western Union Business Solutions can help you save on fees on selected incoming foreign invoices.

Current Process - A costly way to invoice

  1. Your firm receives a UK client’s payment of $1,000 USD and pays a processing fee.
  2. The following month, your firm bills your UK client $200 USD.
  3. Your UK client pays the $200 USD invoice and is subject to exchange rates and international payment fees.
  4. Your firm pays the same flat fee for receiving the $200 USD payment, regardless of the small amount billed.

New Process - Efficient foreign invoicing

  1. Your firm creates a client invoice for $1,000 USD and sends to Western Union Business Solutions.
  2. A supplemental invoice is created featuring your firm’s branding and the billing amount of £750 (the GBP equivalent of $1,000 USD at the time of billing).
  3. Your firm sends the full invoice to your client.
  4. Your UK client pays £750 following instructions on the supplemental invoice.
  5. Western Union Business Solutions exchanges the amount paid in GBP to USD and deposits the funds into your firm’s account.
  6. Your firm receives the full $1,000 USD with no fees or deductions.

No conversion costs or incoming fees

Our team will assist in you in setting up the process, including altering banking details on your invoices, to enable Western Union Business Solutions to accept and process the incoming funds on your firm’s behalf.

Interested? For more information, contact Andy DeTavernier at 402-884-3007.

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