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The Next Big Travel Destinations

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Like the chic streets of Paris or the winding canals of Venice, some vacation spots are timeless and attract endless crowds without any effort. Other hotspots have exploded in recent years, due to government funding or new airline routes, such as Iceland and Croatia. Regardless of the reason, popular sites can pop out of nowhere and have customers suddenly clamoring for a ticket. Expect the following locales to charm visitors in the coming year.  

Puerto Rico – The island was ravaged by Hurricane Maria less than three years ago, but the travel scene is back with a boom. Luxury hotels have reopened and new builds are on the horizon. Between cruise ship passengers and beachgoers, expect the sun-soaked destination to top travellers’ lists.

Chad – Largely, safari-seekers head to the established resorts and campgrounds of South Africa and Kenya. Those industry giants aren’t going to be dethroned anytime soon, but smaller eco-friendly operations have popped up in Central Africa. With unspoilt wilderness and sparse crowds, previously unexplored national parks are catering to tourists. These less traditional spots aren’t for everyone, but they’re slowly growing in popularity. One ultra-high end safari in Zakouma national park in Chad is booked solid until 2021.

Saudi Arabia – In the past, it was enormously difficult to obtain a tourist visa to the country outside of Muslim pilgrimages. Recently though, the government vowed to bring 30 million tourists to the region in the next decade in a bid to diversify their oil-centric economy. Though visitors must adhere to strict cultural rules, those willing can enjoy the annual grand prix, where race cars zip through the cobblestoned streets of Ad Diriyah, a UNESCO heritage site.

Bolivia – Historically, most travellers bypassed the area to head to Peru. South America might be better known for adventure and active travel, but future vacationers will soon flock to Tarija, a bordering city to Argentina, for a celebrated glass of wine. Expert sommeliers are predicting big things for the nation’s grapes, which grow on the world’s highest altitude.

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