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The Helper object contains utility methods for formatting, encoding hashing. See this complete list of these methods.

Method Name    Description
amount   Converts BigDecimal to String
base64Hash   Calculates Bas64 Hash of a String
configValue   Gets configuration value from database value against a provided key
decrypt   Decrypts an encrypted String
decryptedConfigValue   If a config value is encrypted, the method returns decrypted value for a key.
encrypt   Encrypts a string using crypto provider.
getCurrentTime   Gets current date and time formatted according to provided format.
    A time zone can be passed as well
getFormattedAmount   Formats amount according to provided format
getFormattedDate   Formats date according to provided format
hexHash   Calculated Hexadecimal Hash value of String
mask   Masks a String with character ‘X’
nullSafeAdd   Adds two BigDecimals, accounting for null values
nullSafeSubtract   Subtracts a BigDecimal from other, handling null values
nullSafeToString   String representation of an object. Handles null values
safeSubString   Gets a substringout of a string
urlEncode   Encodes String using UTF-8