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Payment Upload—Process to Commit

On the GlobalPay menu bar, click PAYMENT UPLOAD.

Process to commit

In the following example, assume that:

  • The Default Order Progress to State setting for the upload file is Committed. (GlobalPay provides a variety of client-level preferences. The following are the settings available for processing your file uploads. No further editing or approvals can be done to the payments.
  1. On the Payment Upload page, choose the following parameters:
    • The file template. The values displayed in the File Templates drop-down list are configured to your requirements by Western Union Business Solutions.
    • The Upload File. The format must conform to the one chosen in the above step.
    • The File Description is auto-populated by the file name. You can edit this if required.
    • The Save order(s) as setting is inherited from your preferred setting on the FX360 Configuration page.
    • Default Amount Expression, Default Funded By and Default Pay By values are inherited from your preferred settings on the FX360 Configuration page. You can edit these if required.
    1. Click Submit. The file appears under "Upload Summary". The "Status Description" of the file can have the following values:
    • New Payment Upload File
    • File Validation Completed
    • Payment Upload File in Process
    • Payment Upload File is Complete
    • Rejected Payment Upload File
    • Payment Upload File Partially Rejected (Can appear only if you have chosen partially rejected files to be processed as part of your preferred client settings.)

    Payment Upload

    page 6 payment upload external

    1. Click on "Upload Progress" to review the upload summary. 

    page 6 upload summary step 3

    1. Click on the File ID to review the upload details. The information displays in multiple tabs: All Payments, Modified Payments (optional), and Orders Created from File. The All Payments tab displays by default. You can click on the “+” icon beside the Upload Summary for each currency to view the control totals, by currency, of each upload.

    File Upload Summary

    payment upload process to_5

    1. Click “+” of each line item to view the underlying uploaded data.

    payment upload process to_6

    1. Click on the Orders Created from File tab to view the order details created for that particular upload. Click on the arrow under View Order Details.

    page 7 orders created from file external

    1. Click on the View Order Details button to open the Line Item(s) grid. You can click on each line item to review the order details, including bank reference information.

    payment upload process to_8

    1. When you complete the order review, click Payment Upload on the GlobalPay menu bar, then click File Upload History. Here, you can search for previously uploaded files, and extract/view the original payment file that was uploaded, as well as the Upload Status File (USF), if enabled. You can search by file name or date range:

    File Upload History

    • Click on the Confirmation Number to see the order details for the file that was uploaded.
    • Click on the Input File icon to open or download the original file.
    • Click on the Uploaded Status File (USF) icon to download the status file associated with the uploaded file.