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fx360 Rate File

The Rate File (RF) contains the schedule of exchange rates you have requested. The rates are quoted against  your company’s established base currency and quotation method. The RF is generated if the service is enabled based on your preferences in the fx360 User Configuration Form. The format of the RF will depend upon the template created and chosen your company.

  1. Schedule: The RF is generated based on the schedule defined in the Client fx360 configuration in GlobalPay either by Western Union Business Solutions or your authorized user. If you choose to receive the RF via email, delivery is established at the user level. Each user can define their own delivery options and schedules.
  2. Delivery: The delivery of the RF is as follows:
  • Receive the RF via e-mail as described above.
  • Receive the RF through SFTP.

NOTE: For SFTP Settings, refer to the Western Union Business Solutions SFTP Guide.

  1. Fields Available: You can choose from the fields below:
  • Base currency
  • Currency description, e.g. Australian dollar
  • Currency code, e.g. AUD
  • Ask rate
  • Bid rate
  • Rate date (date on which rate was calculated)
  • Rate time (time at which rate was calculated, expressed in the client’s time zone)