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Completed Payment File: Statement Information

The Completed Payment File (CPF) is the confirmation of payment release from Western Union Business Solutions GlobalPay. This file is available in a statement form and can be used to reconcile Payables & Cash in your systems. The CPF only contains confirmation for those payments that are accepted and released by GlobalPay in the last 24 hour window. Payments rejected by GlobalPay and outlined in the USF are not provided. The CPF is generated by requesting this service in the fx360 User Configuration Form. The format of the CPF depends on the template you create.

  1. Schedule: The CPF is generated based on the schedule defined in the Client fx360 configuration in GlobalPay (See Scheduling Completed Payment File). If your account is SFTP enabled, then the schedule can be setup by Western Union Business Solutions, or by your authorized user, under: Configure > Company > fx360 Configuration > Completed Payment File. Email delivery for all SFTP enabled clients is disabled. If you are receiving the CPF via e-mail, , each user can define individual delivery options and schedules.
  1. Delivery: The delivery of CPF is as follows:
    • Receive the CPF file via e-mail as described above.
    • Receive the CPF file through SFTP.
  1. Fields Available: The client can choose from the fields below to create a custom CPF.