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GlobalPay fx360 Overview

fx360 is a service that can be used with most accounting packages or Enterprise Resource Planning software systems, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or other leading financial/accounting systems. It provides you with an end-to-end payments process, from payment initiation to the receipt of fx360 payment statement files.

  • Payment files can be loaded into the GlobalPay application either through a manual upload or through host-to-host SFTP transmission.
  • Each payment can be loaded with a unique payment identifier extracted from your payment system.
  • fx360 can deliver various types of files to your system via email and/or SFTP. These files can be configured to your requirements using the available data elements.
  • All payment types (EFT, ACH and Check) are supported within the same file upload.

    • Note: You can send low-value ACH payments to the following countries in their respective currencies: Australia, Canada, Norway, United Kingdom, United States, Euro payments to Eurozone countries, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong. Additionally, multiple currencies can be loaded within the same payment file, provided your ERP system is also able to generate a single file with multiple currencies.  
  • A format transformation engine formats your incoming and outgoing files based on your system's requirements. This will reduce the mapping time needed, and ease the on-boarding process.
  • You can choose to receive regular Completed Payment File confirmation statements (CPF), in a format of your choosing, using email or SFTP and with any desired level of frequency, which can be directly imported into your accounting system.
  • You can receive an acknowledgment file called an Upload Status file (USF) via SFTP or download.

fx360 electronic statements provide you with timely notice of:

  • When the cross-border beneficiary payment entered the international banking network via the SWIFT gateway
  • When the domestic beneficiary payment entered the domestic banking system
  • Full details of every payment ordered, including payee name and account details
  • Your own reference identifier for each transaction.
  • Any additional accounting information uploaded with the original file.