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We partner with over 100,000 organisations of all sizes, providing local knowledge and proactive support to help manage international payments efficiently.

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Manage the risk of doing international business


Don’t get caught out

It can be difficult to budget ahead when exchange rates shift between the time you receive an invoice and its due date.

Our highly qualified risk solutions experts are here/on hand to help you formulate a plan to manage these risks that’s aligned to your business goals and objectives.

Transact with a Trusted Provider

Enjoy the confidence of working with a provider with leading global compliance expertise.

Over 100,000 organizations use our services to process international payments, and we collaborate with regulators to develop compliance frameworks that meet appropriate industry standards.

Gain confidence in your cash flow

Many businesses find it challenging to identify where their cash flow is exposed to currency volatility.

Our experts are here to help you ensure the appropriate tools are being utilised to help you identify risk and keep cash flow running smoothly.

Are you ready for 2022?

Due to the global health emergency, 2022 could be the most unpredictable recovery year in decades. Our latest report uncovers key themes and possible exchange scenarios to help companies reduce the impact of international markets volatility and currency fluctuations.

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Forwards Contracts

Lock in an FX rate for a future date up to a year in advance, so you can secure margins even if the market moves. This way, you know in advance exactly what exchange rate will be applied to your transaction.

It is important to keep in mind that when you book a Forward Contract you are obligated to exchange funds at maturity, regardless of what the available spot rate is at that time.

Market Orders

Secure a desired exchange rate by taking advantage of our 24-hour market monitoring facility. We watch the markets on your behalf, even while you’re sleeping, and either notify you if your target rate is reached, or process your order for you automatically if preferred.

Future Payments

If the market has moved in your favour, but you’re not due to pay for weeks or even months, Future Payments let you lock-in the current exchange rate up to 90 days in advance. Your bottom line is protected, your foreign funds are ready when you need them, and there’s zero upfront cost.

Option Contracts

Option Contracts provide protection from adverse market developments while also giving you the opportunity to participate in favourable moves. In general, an Option will offer a lesser degree of protection in exchange for a greater degree of upside participation. This flexibility allows you to tailor your strategy to your specific requirements, hedging objectives and risk appetite.

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