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Services in the US are provided by Western Union Business Solutions (USA), LLC (NMLS ID: 907333; MA MT license #: FT0041) (referred to as “WUBS” or “Western Union Business Solutions”).

Terms and Conditions

Corporate Clients:

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Product Disclosure Statement

  • Please click here to access our Product Disclosure Statement for Foreign Exchange Contracts. This Product Disclosure Statement provides you with a detailed description of the types and characteristics of the products and financial instruments WUBS offers as well as the associated risks.


This Online Privacy Statement describes how Western Union Business Solutions collects, transfers, uses, and discloses personal information (“Information”) that we obtain from you when visiting and/or using this website or that we otherwise collect in connection with enrolling or providing services to our customers.

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State Licensing

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Law Enforcement Subpoena Information

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NACHA Operating Rules

  • All U.S. payments processed through the domestic ACH system are subject to the NACHA rules. For information on the current NACHA rules, including any recent updates please click here.