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Oct 18, 2019 | Media Coverage

Taming the complex world of international payments

In a piece for Global Banking and Finance, David Prendeville, Head of UK FX Services for Western Union Business Solutions discusses taming the complex world of international payments, the new cross-border dynamic and focusing on what matters most.

When it comes to sport, the UK has its fair share of passionate fans. From football to cricket,gymnastics to swimming, many people enjoy attending games or watching tournaments. What they often forget though is that behind every sporting club, there is a business – often one with a huge international reach – and that business often faces many of the same challenges that other companies in the UK do as well.

The requirements of a once domestic sporting business have widened, calling for more sophisticated financial management to help meet rising customer ticket sales, to managing the payments for both the team’s players and staff when travelling overseas and delivering seamless and efficient digital transactions for their commercial partners and worldwide organisations.

Take America’s National Football League (NFL), for example. Not perhaps one of the first sports you’d think of in the UK but with NFL official figures reporting a UK fan base of over 13 million, including close to four million avid fans, UK customer love for the sport has begun to take a hold of many.

A new cross-border dynamic

The Jacksonville Jaguars, a Florida-based NFL team are the only team in the US league to have a dual-residency in the UK, playing one game a season in London’s Wembley Stadium. Just recently, NFL UK Managing Director Alistair Kirkwood stated that the NFL is bringing an academy to London with the aim of using American football to provide students with educational, professional sporting opportunities and the chance to play at NCAA college football in the United States.

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