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Dec 13, 2019 | Media Coverage

Canadian businesses look to expand at home amid geopolitical tensions

Western Union Business Solutions director of corporate risk management, Brendan McGrath, recently sat down with iPolitics (Canada) to discuss what the upcoming USMCA trade agreement means for Canadian Business and the geopolitical landscape impacting them generally.

Ratification of the new North American trade deal is just weeks away, but Canadian businesses may be looking to do more operations within their own borders in 2020, a new report has found.

Western Union Business Solutions, which manages cross-border payments, found that Canadian firms plan to focus their trade efforts within the country. Brendan McGrath, director of corporate risk management at Western Union, said global geopolitical tensions have caused uncertainty in the international market causing businesses to turn inward.

“When it comes to business-making decisions about going across border, finding suppliers and whatnot in other countries, politics and geopolitical issues have a big impact,” he said. “It’s not just about cost.”

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