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Helping reduce anxiety for you and your patients

11 million patients seek health care abroad every year and struggle to settle their bills.

Every year, billions of dollars are sent internationally to hospitals and organizations that struggle to reconcile those payments*.

* According to Patients Beyond Borders, an organization specializing in medical tourism.

Simple payment solutions for medical organizations

Whatever your specialty: oncology treatment, weight loss surgery, cardiac procedure, or even patient recruitment…

With Western Union Business Solutions you can help your customers

self-pay for their treatments in advance, in the currency of their choice, via a cost-effective payments platform.

Western Union Business Solutions can help your organization

reconcile those payments easily and identify gaps in your receivables with an automated payments solution.

Develop a competitive advantage

An easy way to pay

Reduce your customers’ anxiety by offering an easy, fast way to pay for services with our white-labeled receivables solution

An automated payments process

Automate the payments process to help your accounting department with real-time reconciliation

Comprehensive reporting

Identify the biggest gaps in your accounts receivables with comprehensive reporting capabilities, to help you stay up-to-date

Specialized support for you and your patients

Provide support via our specialized customer service department, which directly communicates with your patients to manage the refund process

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