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June Market Outlook and FX Risk Management Webinar

View this on-demand webinar to gain valuable insights from the current market situation

With the unprecedented market volatility and the global currency market disrupted, what is the outlook for the various markets? For companies who have exposure and trade in foreign markets and currency, how can they manage and minimize their forex risk with the current situation?

In this informative webinar, Edward Kennan, Corporate Hedging Manager, Western Union Business Solutions will share his expertise and updates on ways companies can tackle these issues during this volatile period.


Download the on-demand video and gain more insights on:

  • Market / Currency Outlook - Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on currency markets
  • Incorporating market volatility into FX Risk Management
  • FX hedging strategies


Watch Edward Kennan, Corporate Hedging Manager for Western Union Business Solutions, as he shares his expertise and updates on ways companies can tackle the forex risk brought about during this volatile period.

This presentation is provided for informational purposes only and does not provide any financial, legal, accounting or tax advice.