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Take a strategic approach to foreign currency payments

Get a 4-step risk management plan

It’s easier than you’d think to protect your business from currency fluctuations. Work with our industry specialists to create a risk management plan based on your goals.

Step 1: Review exposure

Identify risks to your profit – how is your business exposed to currency fluctuations?

Step 2: Define your goals

Your business goals will form the foundation of your plan so begin by defining your short and long-term business objectives.

Step 3: Create a Plan that's right for you

With a better understanding of your business goals and risk profile, you can work with one of our hedging specialists who has information on a range of hedging products for you to consider to help you build a plan.

Step 4: Execute plan

Once you have decided on your plan, we can support you in the execution and provide visibility of its performance.

What's your risk management strategy?

Speak to one of our industry specialists to find out how you can protect profits from currency fluctuations.

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