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Advance Your Law Firm

Mitigate risk and save money

Running a law firm is complex, especially when you need to pay partners and associates around the world. Fluctuations in foreign currency make costs seem unpredictable. We bring simplicity and certainty to the financial aspects of your law business to mitigate risk and contain costs.

Manage foreign payments and invoices

Reduce the complexity of making international payments. Know what's due and how much foreign currency is coming and going.

Reduce your write-offs

Lock in foreign exchange rates for payments to global partners and associates so you can bill clients accurately.

Monitor your cash position

Know your cash position. Anticipate how much foreign currency you need to cover international payments.

Save money by reducing checks

Checks are expensive and hard to track. Make electronic bank payments so your payments are simpler and traceable.

Reconcile quickly and easily

Track each invoice and payment according to your specific client matter number and any other file naming system you use.

Track credits with international partners

Know how much work you've done for a partner law firm and vice versa so it's easy to just bill the difference.

No data entry needed

There's no need to manually add invoices and payments. We integrate with several major ERPs for law firms, including Elite.

Get started today

No software to install. This is a simple path to managing your international work more profitably.

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Talk to a specialist to discuss your international payment or foreign exchange needs.

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Our story

Western Union is a Fortune 500 company offering law firms access to the world's largest nonbank network for sending and receiving funds through our Western Union Business Solutions division. Today more than 700 law firms use our services to expand globally and mitigate the risk of international business.