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Expand the Reach of Your Educational Institution

Serve the growing market of international students

According to UNESCO, by 2025 seven million people will study abroad. That's 75% more than today*. Education institutes have the opportunity -- and challenge -- of meeting this booming demand.

We offer tailor-made services to help you easily manage the financial complexities. Approximately 30% of the money sent through Western Union is related to education. But for us it's not just an area of expertise. It's our cause of choice. We see it as the surest path to financial inclusion and that's why the WU Foundation granted $10 million for educational development in 47 countries.

Offer easy online tuition payment

Foreign students pay in their local currency. Multiple language options.

Save money on administrative costs

Simplify your financial operations by reducing the manual processing of payments.

Speed up payment processing

Offer students a stress-free experience by increasing your response time and reducing errors.

End payment confusion

Easily match payments to the correct students, family member, or any third-party representing a student.

Save money on vendor payments

Make payments to over 170 countries and territories in 130 currencies. Our direct route reduces your fees.

Get started fast

No software to install. This is a simple path to managing your international payments with more ease.

Contact an Education Specialist

Talk to a specialist to discuss your international payment or foreign exchange needs.

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Our story

We offer educational institutions access to the world's largest financial network spanning over 170 countries and territories. Today more than 500 institutions use our custom-designed offerings for the education sector.

For us education is not just an area of expertise, it's our cause of choice. We see it as the surest path to financial inclusion and that's why the WU Foundation has granted $10 million for educational development in 47 countries.

Source: *2009 data from UNESCO report, "Trends in Global Higher Education: Tracking an Academic Revolution".