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Our Compliance commitment

As one of the world’s largest money-transfer providers, regulatory compliance is critical for Western Union Business Solutions to succeed in 200 countries and territories around the world.

Our Compliance mandate

  1. Comply with all applicable financial laws and regulations wherever we do business.
  2. Provide regulatory support and insight to FI partners and clients around the world.
  3. Work with regulators to develop practical, effective guidelines for financial providers.

Knowledge of the regulations

Both as a partner and provider, our business requires intimate knowledge of the regulations and requirements applicable to sending international payments.

Transaction monitoring

We’re committed to preventing illegal activity from entering our system. We monitor all transactions closely to ensure that potentially suspicious activity is flagged and investigated.

Main documents:

Data privacy

Western Union Business Solutions recognizes the importance of protecting its clients’ email addresses and other personal information. With a view to preserving the confidentiality of personal information and offering our clients the best possible service, we strictly adhere to privacy regulations.

For more information, read our Privacy Statement.

Code of Conduct

Western Union Business Solutions is aware of the key importance of following the highest standards of ethical and professional activities related to the financial sector and has adopted and applied the principles described ed in the 'Code of Conduct for Western Union' - which is the Code of Ethics of our strategic investor - the Western Union Company. The guidelines described in the Code provide a framework for conducting business the right way, both ethically and legally.

The Code of Professional Conduct (Code of Conduct) obliges all employees to:

  • compliance with the law and all regulations and rules related to WUIB activities,
  • honest and ethical conduct in all its actions - regardless of whether the co-operation concerns WUIB employees, third parties, business entities, akcjonariuszyi, customers, suppliers or the administration or supervision
  • avoid any conflict of interest between work and personal affairs,
  • creating a work environment that provides all employees equal opportunities and fair treatment,
  • strive to create a safe workplace,
  • fostering a culture in which the supreme value is ethical behavior.

Western Union Code of Conduct (in English)

To file a complaint please visit the File a Complaint page.