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Rethink how your institution sends and receives money globally

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The education sector is globalising fast

As you try to keep up, you probably find you are investing far too much time on tedious international payment tasks. We’ve reinvented our solutions for the education sector, so it’s simple to send and receive money globally.

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We can help

One of our solutions specialists, dedicated to the education sector, can meet with you for a quick assessment of your needs and may recommend a solution package tailored to your institution

Speak to a solutions expert

Countless reasons to partner with us

We believe education is a certain path to financial inclusion. We have a strong business focus in this sector. We also set compliance as a priority because we know your institution’s reputation is paramount.

30 % of all Western Union transactions are related to education. For context, we conduct more than 225 billion transactions every year.
200 million dollars is invested by Western Union every year in compliance to make sure every single transaction is above board.
635 ,000 students worldwide have received help through the Western Union Foundation’s education initiatives.

Let’s talk

Let’s talk about your biggest international payment challenges. We have so much more to offer– new cost efficiencies, time savings, and a world-class student payment experience. Working together, we can make your international transactions reliable and simple.