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Do these challenges sound familiar?

Deliver money where it’s needed most

NGOs must deliver mission-critical funds into remote regions where banking infrastructure and online connectivity can be limited.

Quickly get money to over 175 countries and 300,000 locations via our WU® Agent network.

Payments arrive short

Have your payments ever reached their destination short due to rate fluctuation and fee deductions? This means hard earned donations can be wasted.

We can help you lock in exchange rates and deliver payments via our global financial network to help minimize surprise costs.

Exposure to FX volatility

Don’t leave your donations to the mercy of the currency market.

Our risk management solutions can help NGOs protect donations from the impact of currency fluctuations.

Lack of transparency

It’s critical that your organization can account for every payment made.

Our online platform provides powerful track and trace features, so you’ll know where your funds are even as they make their way to remote regions.


Global reach

Quickly distribute cash to over 190 countries right from your digital platform. Make wire payments in 130 currencies.

Mobile Payments

Sometimes mobile is the fastest, easiest way to get money where it needs to be. Available in 10+ countries.

Get started fast

No software to install. Nothing to integrate. It's simple to get started

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