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International Payments

Increasing Transaction Volumes with Online Payments

QBank Resource intensive international payments

Online international payments have moved time consuming manual tasks away from internal resources.


Manual international payments were inconvenient for members and staff


Online payments with strong compliance processes and competitive revenue options


Helping to protect profit margins from exchange rate movements

"We found that not only were people shifting away from the in-branch service, but there was an overall increase in members making international payments."

- Trevor McNamara, Manager – Banking Operations and Technology, QBANK

THE CHALLENGE: Resource intensive international payments

QBANK is one of Australia’s largest providers of banking products for individuals and families who serve the Queensland police, emergency services, ambulance, fire, nursing and public sector. With 26,000 members spread across Australia it is committed to helping those who make a difference in the community

QBANK views international payments as an important offering that helps it remain competitive with Australia’s major banks. However, it previously partnered with a third-party provider whose service required some manual administration.

In order to process a transaction, staff had to access an online portal, complete paperwork and even fax documents to the head office for processing. This was a drain on internal resources, and increased the risk of error due to the manual reconciliation involved.

Trevor McNamara, Manager – Banking Operations and Technology at QBANK, explained, “Our business is predominately online, as we have just one branch in Brisbane’s CBD and two sub branches at key locations in Oxley and Kedron. This meant our members, spread across the country had to phone us to request an international payment. To make the process more convenient for members and staff, we realized we had to add this feature to our online banking platform as a self-service offering.”

THE SOLUTION: Working with an innovative partner

When looking at alternate service providers, QBANK had two things on its mind: a solution that would easily integrate with its existing online core banking system from Ultradata; and ensuring that its new provider had strong compliance processes.

Enter Western Union Business Solutions, who partners with Ultradata to provide an innovative online service for incoming and outgoing payments. Its service is available in more than 130 currencies, much more than QBANK’s previous provider.

“The existing relationship with Ultradata was very appealing,” says Mr. McNamara. “It gave us confidence that the international payments feature would integrate well with our existing platform. And, as part of the Western Union Company, Western Union Business Solutions could demonstrate some impressive compliance programs and processes which added to our confidence in the service.

“We looked at a range of providers, and Western Union Business Solutions also offered the most competitive revenue options out of those we assessed.”

THE RESULTS: Online flexibility increases transaction volumes

The time between test installation and a go-live implementation was only one month. And, within 30 days of making international payments available online QBANK was processing as many transactions via its banking platform as in-branch. Today, online international payments make up over 35% of QBANK’s transaction volume.”

“Our members took to the new online service straight away, and we found that not only were people shifting away from the in-branch service, but there was an overall increase in members making international payments.”

“Giving members 24/7 access to international payments has been a real benefit in terms of customer service. Our members are often shift workers who do their banking outside of business hours so convenience and flexibility is important for them.” said Mr. McNamara.”

Empowering members to make international payments online has also shifted a significant amount of administration and reconciliation duties away from internal resources, freeing them up to concentrate on more strategic tasks.”

“We are really happy with how Western Union Business Solutions works with us,” says Mr. McNamara. “We have great lines of communication and feel well looked after, not to mention that the product has exceeded our expectations. Our aim is to increase promotion of the new service to encourage even more uptake, and hopefully in the future introduce international payments to our mobile web and mobile app platforms.”

Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) is the issuer of the products discussed in this video and would be a counterparty to any transaction you undertake with us. Click here for full disclaimer.
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Online international payments have moved time consuming manual tasks away from internal resources.
International Payments 

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