Mass Payments allows Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) to provide a payment processing platform to accommodate high volume domestic and FX transactions with API functionality for payment, batching, reconciliation, processing, and sanctions visibility.

The Mass Payments platform supports a fully automated transaction lifecycle via an Application Programming Interface (API) based channel for a batch integration model.

Mass Payments allows customers to submit batches of beneficiary payments to WUBS  for processing and to specify how they will fund each payment within a batch.

With this model, the customer is able to plan and budget for the remittance of a specific batch of payments.

A single batch can consist of payments with different trade (payout) and settlement currency combinations including:

NOTE: Payments with the same trade/settlement currency combination can only be assigned one currency (trade or settlement) as the fixed amount.

General Information on the API

WUBS is using a REST based API with JSON structured payload for the Mass Payments product. Each partner will be issued a PKCS 12 client certificate for authentication purposes.

WUBS Mass Payments' URL prefix is

All calls to WUBS should have attached the client certificate as provided. Any calls without a client certificate will be rejected.

Before a certificate expiration, a new client certificate will be issued to a Partner for an uninterrupted access.

For a resource identifiable by external to WUBS ID (Partner Assigned ID) a PUT method will be used to push a resource to WUBS. Examples of those resources are: payment, customer, beneficiary.

For a resource identifiable by WUBS generated ID (WUBS assigned ID) a POST method will be used to request a resource creation to WUBS. Examples of those resources are: quote, order.

If a request allows to submit request for multiple resources, a limit will be imposed for the total count of input resources.

If a result assumes a collection of resources, a limit will be imposed for the total count of output resources.

To allow equal and uninterrupted access to WUBS resources for all API consumers a limit could be imposed on a total number of API calls originated by a Partner. That limit will be reset on a daily basis.