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This is WU EDGE

Connect to grow

Introducing the new WU® EDGE Platform

The new WU® EDGE platform seamlessly connects buyers and sellers in one platform and empowers them with powerful transaction capabilities, potent cash management tools, game-changing insights and expert support. Now, for the first time, you have the unparalleled ability to create stronger connections, make smarter decisions and grow your business globally.

Connect with business partners

Connect with your international business partners – from procurement to payment.

Empower trade with actionable insights

Use tools and customisable reporting to know your cash flow inside-out, see patterns and identify trends.

Expand globally

Make fee-free payments in 51 different currencies – in hours, not days.* And, do business in 130+ currencies.

Safeguard profits

Move cash in multiple currencies, simulate currency volatility, pinpoint risk and plan ahead with support from risk management experts.

WU EDGE creates efficiency when you need it most

Globalisation brings opportunity for SMEs like yours, as well as complexity. Consider this:

1 day a week is the time SMEs spend managing payments.
78 % of SMEs who find out the true cost of an invoice AFTER payment.
90 % of SMEs are negatively impacted when foreign payables run higher than planned.

Source: East & Partners 2013

This is connecting buyers and sellers, from procurement to payment, all from a single platform.

Power Global Trade with WU EDGE

WU® EDGE is the brand new platform from Western Union Business Solutions that creates seamless financial connectivity to support international growth and more profitable trade. By effortlessly connecting buyers and sellers – from order to global rapid payment, from expert insight to FX management – in one integrated, digital platform, WU® EDGE helps businesses create stronger connections, empower smarter decision-making and grow profits.

Save time and money

Transfer rapid global payments, with no transaction fees, in 51 local currencies* around the world with EDGE Network Payment.

Expand your reach globally

Do business everywhere you need to. Make standard payments in-platform to over 130 currencies to 170+ countries.

Connect with partners easily

Interact and communicate with international business connections and view workflows from procurement to payment.

Know and optimise cash flow

Unify all your international sales, purchasing, payment and receivable data to view incomings and outgoings with ease.

Transform insights into action

Full visibility into your exposure and net currency positions to make better informed decisions.

Identify and reduce risk

Simulate currency volatility, pinpoint risk and plan ahead with support from risk management experts.

Connect to Grow with WU® EDGE

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