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Data security and Compliance

Data privacy

Western Union Business Solutions recognizes the importance of protecting its clients’ email addresses and other personal information. With a view to preserving the confidentiality of personal information and offering our clients the best possible service, we strictly adhere to privacy regulations.

For more information, read our Privacy Statement.

PSD2 Open Banking Solution

For Third Party Providers, please click here to obtain information on how to integrate with WUIB.

Vigilance over transactions

In accordance with our legal obligations, we take account of national and international financial sanctions, specifically European regulations and American sanctions, targeting various persons and entities, as well as several countries throughout the world. Any transaction which directly or indirectly concerns a party or country that is subject to sanctions is stopped by our systems and flagged for approval. Some transactions may be postponed, refused or blocked by the authorities.

You can consult the following sites to see the lists of sanctions:

Furthermore, we inform you that every transaction passes through the United States and as such is subject to American legislation.

Lastly, owing to our commitments to our regulators to ensure complete transparency of information, any order relating to a party or a country subject to financial sanctions must include all the required information and no information must be knowingly concealed, excluded, modified or altered.

Information on MiFID

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive “MiFID” (Directive 2004/39/EC) came into force on November 1, 2007. MiFID establishes a new framework to standardize the regulations and procedures applicable to all financial institutions (investment firms, credit institutions) in the European Union.

MiFID covers investment services such as the execution of orders, the reception and transmission of orders, investment consultancy, etc. and financial products such as equities, bonds, money market instruments, funds and derivative instruments.

MiFID aims to ensure competitiveness and transparency of financial markets in the European Union and to strengthen investor protection and information.

For more information on MiFID and Western Union International Bank services, please consult the following documents:

Terms and Conditions and information on our Deposit Protection scheme:

To file a complaint please visit the File a Complaint page.