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Accept payments in foreign currencies

It is simple to receive payments through our team of dedicated accounts receivable specialists.

Give buyers and business partners payment options that make it easy to do business with you.

Incoming Electronic Funds Transfers

With our simple and flexible Incoming EFT service, you retain control over the rate at which to convert the funds.

Gain cost efficiencies

Improve your bottom line and operational efficiency by implementing a tailored solution for your international buyers.

Give buyers and business partners payment options

Become the preferred choice for buyers and business partners. Offer convenient payment options so buyers and business partners can pay in local currency.

Incoming Foreign Currency Drafts

Our Incoming Foreign Currency Draft service allows you to efficiently convert foreign currency cheques into local currency.

Take control of your incoming payments

Learn how to streamline your receivables and see the status of incoming payments.

Help us understand your needs (optional)

Do you want new streams of non-interest revenue?

Help your clients send and receive money globally.

Want even more control over your cash flow?

Learn how to manage your exposure to currency fluctuations.