Sep 17, 2019 | Media Coverage

Overseas Education Global Trends

Head of Asia for Western Union Business Solutions, Svend Janssen, discusses the growth of international students and the payments industry.

Fifty years ago, there may have only been a few or no international students at a school. But after years of globalization, international students are now dominating a good percentage in schools across the globe.

These days, international officers are recruited to cater to the needs of international students, while many schools are participating in school fairs to attract foreign students.

"Fifty years ago, education was the government's job," said Svend Janssen, the head of Asia at Western Union Business Solutions.

"Universities in France only catered for the French. And traveling abroad was very expensive. Only a small percentage of the privileged could fly, stay somewhere else and study there."

He noted that the number of international students has increased exponentially.

"It was two million in 2000, but it has risen to more than five million today," he said.

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